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Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. We also enjoy the challenge of complex cases and second opinion work. At present 70-80% of our athletes are ‘running’ athletes, with the majority of these coming from runners, triathletes and footballers ranging from elite standard to your weekend warriors.

With the clinic being located inside a large leisure facility we are able to offer a comprehensive approach to treatment and rehabilitation. We utilise the pool to get people active in the early stages of rehabilitation, then we have the luxury of an onsite gym that’s fully equipped to meet our patient/client needs. We also have an isokinetic machine at our Chorley clinic, which is the gold standard for strength testing. This helps inform our treatment approach in addition to it being an incredible rehabilitation tool to optimise recovery.

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We also offer athlete monitoring, training and ergonomic assessment, isokinetic training courses and many more. Get in touch for more information!


Our team have a vast amount of experience in a variety of industries ranging from professional sport to occupational health.

Scholars Therapies offer the best treatment and support possible at a competitive price.

Enquire for more detail on other services as prices will depend upon each individual case and what other services are being utilised. *Prices may vary.

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Isokinetic testing is the Gold Standard for muscle testing. It is utilised in elite sport to accurately test and rehabilitate athletes. Isokinetics is also the quickest way to improve muscle size and strength, this minimises the rehabilitation period and return to play times scales. In addition to this, the machine is utilised by Gareth for a variety of other functions. For more information please get in touch.

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